The enchanting legends of the Mayan cosmovision have driven us to write our own story in the crafting of rum, by challenging our process both creatively and technically. The Cihuatán Folklore Collection is born out of this spirit. It highlights our unique journey as a distillery, led by master blender Gabriela Ayala.

The inspiration behind Cihuatán Folklore: Chapter ONE

Creation, in the Mesoamerican worldview, depended on a pair of entities coming together in a union. The Mayan Cosmovision features several pairs, such as the two-headed Plumed Serpent, heaven (Ilhuicatl) and the underworld (Xibalba).

Inspired by the Mayan concept of duality and creation, Master Blender Gabriela Ayala set out to showcase the duality and sinergy between rum and barrel.

For Creación, Gabriela hand-picked 13 single barrels from our private reserves, ranging from the classic American oak ex-bourbon to our unique Mayan Ceiba barrel finish. Each barrel features rum aged for a minimum of 16 or 17 years.

As our commitment to quality and to better explore the nuances of these rums, this collection is bottled at barrel strength.

To celebrate the craft behind this edition of Cihuatán Folklore, Salvadoran artist Valeria Corcios has hand-painted each barrel featured in this collection.

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